Listen to My Music

To listen to my music, you can go to my iDisk Public File and download individual songs. The songs are in .m4a format, which definitely works with iTunes, but I have been told it has worked with other music player formats as well. Unfortunately, the songs were automatically placed in numeric/alphabetical order by the titles on the tracks, so the recitals have been interspersed together. In the coming days as I add to and update this website, I will post the programs for the recitals so that anyone wishing to listen to the pieces can hear them in the correct groupings and orders! The last grouping of songs is a compilation of piano/vocal songs that I recorded myself, using Garage Band on my Mac laptop. These are various pop and broadway tunes that I have grown to love over the years, and playing and singing is my other great love aside from performing solo piano. I hope you enjoy the songs I’ve provided here! In the meantime, any feedback is very welcome by leaving a comment or sending me an email at carrie.e.preston (@) gmail (dot) com.


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